Erase Your Pain | Treat the Source of the Pain, Not the Symptoms

Our FDA cleared treatment is the only pain relief device on the market that combines two proven therapies: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT or Cold Laser) and micro-current electrical stimulation, which promote the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level. The device is a safe alternative to medication or surgery and can eliminate the need for costly prescriptions. It is painless. The treatment is proven to be 93% effective in relieving pain.

The best way to find relief from pain and inflammation is to stimulate the cell’s natural ability to repair and heal itself. To do this, the cell must produce ATP, the primary energy molecule of the cell. Here is how Our Laser facilitates this process:
Micro-Current Electrical Stimulation

Injured cells take on a positive charge, which differs from the surrounding negative charge of the healthy cells. Non-injured cells will try to restore normal electrical function, but the body’s electrical system is subject to the laws of electricity which dictate that electricity takes the path of least resistance–which is around the injured tissue. Studies have shown that delivering micro-current e-stim to the injured area accelerates ATP production, protein synthesis, increases vasodilation and membrane transport in the cells. The tissue is therefore able to repair and heal as well as remove toxins from the cell. The Low Level Laser Therapy delivers the ‘spark’ that is needed to help the cell normalize all functions.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The low level laser, or cold laser, of our delivers photonic (light) energy to the cell. This energy is absorbed by the cell and causes an increase in the production of ATP. The increased levels of the energy molecule (300% to 500%) allows for the normalization of the cell function, pain relief, and healing. The cells are also now able to communicate with one another: damaged cells absorb energy from the laser and create new enzymes that allow for the healing and relief of pain; damaged adjacent cells are affected by the enzymes, and then, in turn, produce more of the same bio-chemical reaction which lets those cells begin to normalize and relieve pain as well. This is called a ‘signaling cascade.’

If you are a Health Care professional looking to add this therapy to your practice, please call and speak to Dr. Kendall.